Large pool with outdoor kitchen and covered patio

Before And After – Philly Design Home 2014

We’ve made a few posts now showing the before and after with previous projects, but we wanted to do one with a bit of a twist.  A little while ago we showed you the work we did on the Philly Design Home 2014 house (and if you missed it be sure to check out that post here, “Philly Design Home 2014”).  It was a great project to work on and collaborate with so many other great companies.  We wanted to elaborate on the project a bit and give you some behind the scenes of what the area looked like before it was 100% complete!

If you haven’t checked out the other post yet, here’s a completed look at what the finished project was.  We created a pool, outdoor kitchen, some landscaping, a covered patio with fireplace, and implemented some water features in the yard as well.

Large pool with outdoor kitchen and covered patio

Before we got to this beautiful finished product though there was quite a bit of construction and building that had to go on first.  Check out the images below of the Philly Design Home 2014 to see a before and after look of some of the features of the space:

A look at the front of the house:

Construction on front yard landscaping

Large house with pristine landscaping and entryway gate

An inside sunroom that leads out the patio as well as a covered portion of the patio off to the right: 

Construction on the Philly Design Home 2014

Sun room with large doors to patio

The outdoor kitchen being built: 

Construction of an outdoor kitchen

Outdoor Kitchen with bar seating

An overhead shot of the pool, outdoor kitchen, patio, and yard with some landscaping: 

Construction of in ground pool and outdoor kitchen

Outdoor Kitchen and Grill Station with large countertop and seating

And as an extra bonus we’ve included a few more images of the finished house that were not featured in the previous post but that we hope you enjoy!

Front yard landscaping:

Front yard Landscaping

Masonry wall outlining yard with fence:

Masonry Wall with Fencing

Masonry Wall outlining property with water features and lighting fixtures:

Masonry Wall with Water Feature

In ground pool with water features:

In ground rectangle pool

Covered patio with outdoor fireplace and lighting:

Landscaping next to covered patio

Outdoor Kitchen with grill station, bar seating, and additional appliances:

Outdoor Kitchen from Philly Design Home 2014

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