Tree Spade

Advantages of Tree Spading

They say the best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago, but the best time to relocate a tree is right now! October through April are the perfect months for tree spade projects. There are many benefits of relocating a mature tree over planting a new one. We’ve collected a few of our

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Deer grazing in a backyard in Pennsylvania

Protecting Your Yard From Deer

There’s nothing more charming than a family of deer cautiously tip=toeing by. However, the moment becomes considerably less wonderful when a hungry mother deer decides to stop in and snack on your plants, or a buck realizes that your new tree is a perfect place to shed his antler velvet. Deer may also carry ticks

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Fall Facts Post Feature Image

Fun Fall Facts

We thought we’d have a little fun with the start of a new season and share some facts we found interesting about the wonderful season of fall in this infographic!  Enjoy!

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Front of a house with walkway, grooming, and new landscaping

Prepare Your Yard for Fall

Believe it or not, Halloween candy has hit the shelves, which means that fall weather is right around the corner. With all the time and hard work you’ve put into your lawn this summer, now is the time to prepare and protect it from the coming winter chill. This fall to-do list will help you

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Large yard with covered seating area and landscaping

Enjoying Your Outdoor Space This Fall

School may have started again and the days may be starting to get a little shorter but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your beautiful yard and fall evenings!  We want to make sure everyone enjoys their outdoor spaces they work so hard on for as long as they can throughout the year – and

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Outdoor Living Space with large ceiling and fans

Stay Cool In Your Yard

We may be getting towards the end of summer but there’s plenty of hot days left and we want to make sure you make the best of those days!  We know it’s hard to enjoy the outdoors sometimes when it’s super hot and all you want to do is find air conditioning and get inside

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Front Walkway

The Perfect Path

When you think about the outside of your house you probably think about the grass, the shrubs, the trees, the flowers, the furniture, maybe even a pool – but there is one piece that is so important to your outdoor space that could easily get overlooked.  Your paths and walkways. They’re what leads your guests

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Pool Slide integrated with Landscaping

Outdoor Family Fun

We all know in the back of our minds that as everyone starts to wrap up summer vacations and get ready to go back to school that summer may be starting to wind down, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the remaining weeks!  We spend a lot of time creating beautiful outdoor spaces for

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Large Pool and Spa with landscaping

Project Spotlight

We find that a lot of our viewers enjoy seeing what projects look like before they’re started and then once they’re finished.  However, today we’ve decided to change things a bit from some of the recent posts, and while you’ll still see a few before pictures, we wanted to make this post a Project Spotlight. 

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Before and After comparison of a fire pit

Before And After – Project 3

Today, we’re continuing our series of showcasing projects before and after completion!  We think it’s important for future clients to understand how big a transformation your outside space can through you with a new landscape design and what it may look like in the process.  With keeping that in mind take a look below to

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