Colored Outdoor Lighting and Torches for in ground pool

Outdoor Lighting Ideas

When someone starts planning out their backyard space a lot of things may come to mind initially – types of flowers, kinds of pavers, the shape of a pool.  Something that many home owners may over look at first is what type of lighting they’re going to integrated into their space.  Although lighting may sound

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Large pool with outdoor kitchen and covered patio

Before And After – Philly Design Home 2014

We’ve made a few posts now showing the before and after with previous projects, but we wanted to do one with a bit of a twist.  A little while ago we showed you the work we did on the Philly Design Home 2014 house (and if you missed it be sure to check out that

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Before And After Image of Pool

Before And After – Project 2

It’s always a great feeling when you can step back and look at the work you’ve finished, and we’re no different when it comes to the projects we complete for our customers.  It’s a great feeling when we can go back and look at the pictures from before or during the construction and then look

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Backyard Patio with fire pit, outdoor furniture, and grill station

How To Make Your Backyard the Summer Hangout Spot

During the summer months we all love to get together with friends and family for some backyard BBQs, pool parties, or just to hang out during the afternoon.  As much as fun as it is to go and visit our friends, sometimes we just want to stay in our own backyard and have our guests

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Before And After – Project 1

We love working with our customers and helping them to understand the process of any project we work on with them, and if you haven’t checked it out yet be sure to visit our page highlighting our process.  We wanted to share an even deeper look into that process by showing you some before and after

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Home Addition including masonry and stone work

5 Ideas to Bring the Indoors Outdoors!

1. Cooking…with an outdoor kitchen Cooking and gathering around the table for a delicious home-cooked meal is always something fun to do, and it’d be great to bring that from your kitchen table to your backyard with an outdoor kitchen.  Integrating an outdoor kitchen or grill station into your yard will allow you to enjoy

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Outdoor Kitchen and Grill Station with large countertop and seating

Philly Design Home 2014

This past year we had the privilege of partaking in the Philly Design Home 2014.   Working alongside some amazing companies, we were involved with helping to create a beautiful modern home that visitors were able to visit and walk through to get ideas for their own spaces. For our portion of the house we

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Debuting the new site feature image

Debuting Our New Site!

We’ve recently been working with a local web development company, Apex Design Studio, to update the Sal’s Nursery and Landscaping website and we’re very excited to share the final product with you! If you’ve visited our previous site you’ll notice the overall style of the site has changed quite a bit, but a few things have

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Video: Landscaping 3D Visualization

Have you ever started planning something for your home, maybe a new pool, a walkway, or even just a simple backyard patio, only to find yourself having trouble picturing how it might look next to your house? It can be hard when you have a picture in your head, but then can’t really visualize in

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Blue Hydrangea Flower

Why Won’t My Hydrangea Bloom?

This is one of the most common questions we receive from our customers, and we thought it may be helpful to do a blog post to help explain this perplexing question. Hydrangeas are beautiful flowers, and we want to make sure yours are blooming to their full potential by offering some simple, but effective tips! 

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