5 of Our Favorite Things – enjoying Spring evenings at home

We know the feeling of just wanting to get outside and enjoy the outdoors now that Spring is here.  Now that we’re in Spring the days are going to start to get warmer and longer, and once the sun sets we just may not be ready to return indoors yet!  So we wanted to share

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Signs that Spring Is Here!

We may officially be into Spring now, but with the recent snow we’ve received it may be hard to picture Spring actually coming.  So we thought we’d share some signs of spring and what to look for to remind ourselves that Spring is in fact here, and thought it would be fun to do so

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Masonry Definition - Feature Image

Our Top 10 Ideas To Incorporate Masonry Into Your Outdoor Designs

The term ‘masonry’ is quite a broad one and can be applied to many different types of materials and design.  Here at Sal’s Nursery and Landscaping we have a strong passion for masonry work since our company was founded based on this craft over 50 years ago.  Incorporating masonry into your design can be a

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Example of sketches clients receive from Sal's Nursery and Landscaping

Getting to Know Our Process

Starting the process of realizing your dream project can be daunting. It’s easy to get overwhelmed at the thought of “Where do I start?” and put it off for another year. But the landscaping process doesn’t have to be intimidating! Whether you’re thinking about a new pool, patio, or landscaping, this post will help you understand our steps for

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Valentine's Day Infographic about Flowers

Flowers & Valentine’s Day: Infographic

In celebration of Valentine’s Day this weekend we thought we’d share some interesting facts in this fun infographic about all the flowers given out on this day! Enjoy and we hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!  

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Founder of Sal's Nursery & Landscaping - Sal Antonucci

Getting To Know Sal’s Nursery

We love getting to know our customers and working with them on a personal level, so we thought it would only be fair to share some of our history to help you get to know us a little better as well! Like many individuals and companies, we look to our past roots to really understand

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Plan today to swim in May

Fall is a Great Time to Start Planning for a Pool. Many homeowners begin thinking about their new backyard pool just as winter ends, hoping to have a Memorial Day BBQ to start the summer off with a splash. However, it’s best to plan much earlier. Before you even get to the design elements, there

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Fall Garden To-Do List

The first frost will arrive soon. Is your yard ready for winter?There’s more to do than just rake leaves. Next weekend, check these items off your to do list and your garden will thank you in the spring! Cut back and weed perennials Pull dead or wilting annuals Harvest any remaining vegetables, berries or fruits

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Keep Your Garden Full of Color in August

The dog days of summer can take its toll on that lovely flower garden you planted back in April or May. By August, many flowers are fading away. However, with some planning, you can have a colorful end to summer. Here are some long-blooming options to consider. Perennials You might be avoiding perennials because you’ve

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So you want to put in a pool?

When deciding to invest in a pool and landscaping, it is good to have an idea of what you want in your space. What is the size of your yard and what would fit the landscape? Are you modern or traditional? Who is using the pool? Do you want a hot tub? A waterfall element?A

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